Anonymous: I love the boots you are wearing today! The black ones with laces and a heel. Where did you get them from? Stunning!

They’re from my work, betts shoes :)

tarvn: where do you shop at mostly? :)

Literally anywhere and everywhere haha I really don’t have one specific shop/website that I use :)

Anonymous: Hello from brazil :) where is from the skirt you have in grey and with a strip at bottom in white ? Love it! Btw you're absolutely gorgeous ♥️

Hey there! It’s from a store we have here in Australia called supre, not sure if you’d be able to buy online? Thank you! :)

Anonymous: I love your pictures! And you have a beautiful hair! Where is from the sweatshirt/jumper in your last post at instagram ? I'm from portugal and I admire you <3 keep posting

Aw thank you lovely! :) it’s from a shop we have here in Australia called Temt, I’m not sure if you can buy it in Portugal though! Xo

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