Anonymous: I love your pictures! And you have a beautiful hair! Where is from the sweatshirt/jumper in your last post at instagram ? I'm from portugal and I admire you <3 keep posting

Aw thank you lovely! :) it’s from a shop we have here in Australia called Temt, I’m not sure if you can buy it in Portugal though! Xo

Anonymous: and you also said you don't use fake tan.. But you use to be known as "tiny pale girl" and so white... So don't know how you can go from extremely white to golden brown..

Thats correct, I never use fake tan. Its quite simple really, I started going to the beach! haha

Anonymous: Don't mean to be rude but you said the mean reason you're small is because of genetics but I remember you use to be a little chubby- well way more than you're now anyway... Do you smoke or anything?

I dont think I would ever class myself as being “chubby” in the past, my lifestyle has changed and healthy eating and exercising has become more of a priority to me and I certainly don’t smoke

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